Centre for Poetry and Science

Poetry and science

Image © NASA and the NSSDC

Liverpool University Centre for Poetry best trading platform in nigeria and Science is a forum to facilitate discussion about the relationship between those two traditionally opposed subjects, poetry and science.

The site will provide new poetry, commentary, newly commissioned essays and interviews with leading poets and scientists.  

In addition, poets and scientists at the University of Liverpool and the University of Cardiff, have agreed to take part in a series of discussions with each other, and to document their thoughts how can i trade online in an online diary.

Featured poem

Mario Petrucci PLUTONIUM by Mario Petrucci

 "The fact that I'm an ecologist, as well as a ‘lapsed physicist', might explain why I'm forever delving into the interfaces between poetry and other disciplines."

Essays and interviews

Paris in AugustMichael Murphy

In a new essay this month, poet Michael Murphy discusses his residency at the National Wildflower Centre. 


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Coming soon

We will also be publishing a new interview with poet Lavinia Greenlaw, as well as work by the poet and critic Tim Kendall.

Alison Mark will explore the use of science in the poetry the best trading app in nigeria of Veronica Forrest-Thomson, and Andrew Michael Roberts will review Robert Crawford's recently edited book of essays 'Contemporary Poetry and Contemporary Science'.