Hello there visitor and welcome to the website of Poetry and Science!

This website is setup by a couple of friends who share the same open-minded and interdisciplinary view on our modern western society. Our aim here is to share our thoughts, vision and news articles concerning the connection between Art & Science with the outside world.

For a long time now the fields of Poetry (or even Art in general) and Science have had a seemingly opposing nature. Scientists would stay in their labs and conduct scientific research concerning the most difficult technological or biological developments while artists would think about life, think about their own personal goals and express this through things like music, poetry, paintings etc.

But who said that these two should be separate from each other? Why can’t scientists show their research through a poem and give an artistic message to the outside world? Why can’t the artist indulge herself in fields of science and create amazing artwork based on scientific research? Our answer to this is rather simple: they can!

Through this website we want to provide you with matters that show a close relationship to both Science and Art. With this we challenge you think about the ‘traditional’ way of looking at these disciplines and find beautiful connections between as we have managed to do.

Please enjoy and have a wonderful day full of inspiration!