Painting a Way to the Moon

The following articles will be about one of the most amazing stories we’ve heard so far concerning the combination of Art and Science. Discover how an amazing NASA scientist used nothing more than painting and his imagination to reach the moon!

On the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, we found a docuemntary in the making (and asking for funds) about Dr. Ed Belbruno, Princeton mathematician and artististic painter who pioneered space travel while working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in the 1980’s.

Many of Ed’s eureka moments happened while he was in a creative mood and while working on some of his paintings. Back in the 1980′s he realized that the traditional way of sending satellites into orbit around moons and planets was highly inefficient, costly and dangerous. He proposed a new theory that discussed a brand new way of sending satellites into orbit, inspired by both his knowledge of chaos theory and his passion for painting.

Ed’s theory was instantly rejected by pretty much the whole NASA community and his persistence eventually cost him his job. However, decades later he got a change to prove he was right when the Japanese government asked him to use his theory to save a broken (and expensive!) satellite and send into lunar orbit.

The Kickstarter has been funded an astonishing $40.000,- in April 2013. The takes the viewer into an amazing space race to show how art and science share a common creative though process and proves that imagination truly knows to boundaries.


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